Ngopini Sawit

Ngopini-Sawit, proposed by Auriga Nusantara, is a multi-stakeholder dialog on palm oil, which welcomes participation from academics, industry practitioners, government, civil society and the media.

[June 2020] Post-covid-19, Does Indonesia Still Need to Expand Its Oil Palm Plantations?

The post-covid-19 crisis is likely to be followed by policies that support or even encourage the expansion of oil palm plantations. But, should it be? Check out the webinar that will be held on Wednesday, June 24, 2020, presenting speakers from Bappenas, Ministry of Agriculture, APROBI, SPKS, Auriga, and economist Faisal Basri.

[July 2020] Smallholder oil palm: what, who, where, and does it really need empowering?
[May 2020] Mapping National Palm Oil Industry Players