Protection of Remaining Natural Forest in Oil Palm Plantations

ngopini -
September 2021


The Presidential Instruction 8/2018 or commonly known as the Palm Oil Moratorium Instruction will expire on September 19, 2021. In fact, there are still many of the Presidential Instructions' mandates that have not been completed, such as solutions for oil palm cover and permits in forest areas. Likewise, the remaining natural forest cover in palm oil permits.

However, a series of other relevant policies are still in progress, such as the National Strategy for Prevention of Corruption which places the one map policy and the gazettement of forest areas as part of its action plan. The One Map Policy has even become a separate presidential regulation. The National Land Agency is also discussing regulations regarding the issuance and control of plantation use rights.

Indonesian palm oil is experiencing a crisis of confidence due to the resulting deforestation. Therefore, for the sake of the palm oil industry itself, in the future it must be ensured that Indonesian palm oil is no longer the cause of deforestation. This means that the remaining natural forest in the area of ​​the oil palm plantation permit must be protected or not converted.

Of course, an adequate set of regulations and policies is needed for that. Auriga Nusantara made it the theme of the virtual discussion on Ngopini Sawit #9: Protection of Remaining Natural Forest Cover in Oil Palm Plantations.

Resource Persons and Presentation Themes

Time and Location

Day/Date: Wednesday, 22 September, 2021

Time: 13.30 - 15.30 WIB

Location: Youtube Auriga



This activity will invite participants to represent palm oil parties, ministries/state agencies, companies/associations, civil society, academics, the media and oil palm planters.

Palm Oil Hutan Alam Deforestasi Industri Sawit Ngopini